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Apple Knoll Farm is proud to host the annual USEA Schooling Horse Trials Championships for Area 1!  


The Schooling Horse Trials Championships is an end-of-season competition designed to demonstrate all of the great skills that competitors and their horses have worked so hard to achieve throughout the year.  The objective of the SHTC is to standardize the levels, provide opportunities for students to show more often at different facilities, and to present a goal for lower level riders without the added pressure to move up; all while promoting Area 1 venues.

STANDARDIZING The levels for schooling shows is one of the objectives of the Schooling Horse Trials Championships.  As such, following are the details on the acceptable criteria and jump heights for each discipline level.

DRESSAGE: USDF 2023 Intro Test A


SHOW JUMPING: 2' Maximum Cross Rails (Height Measured at the Jump Standard)


CROSS-COUNTRY: Small Logs Only (No Larger Than 18")


DRESSAGE: USEA 2022 Starter Test


SHOW JUMPING: 2' Maximum Verticals (No Oxers, No Combinations)


CROSS-COUNTRY: 2' Maximum Logs, Verticals, Ramps, and Water (Optional Only)


DRESSAGE: USEA 2022 Starter Test


SHOW JUMPING: 2'3" Maximum Jumps (Oxers Allowed, One Combination Allowed)


CROSS-COUNTRY: 2'3" Maximum (Obstacles Like Small Coops, Tables, Ramps, Brush Boxes, Etc. May Be Found at This Level)

Beginner Novice

DRESSAGE: USEA 2022nBeginner Novice Test B


SHOW JUMPING: 2'7" Maximum Jumps (Oxers and Combinations Expected)


CROSS-COUNTRY: 2'7" Maximum 


For more detailed specifications on the cross country jumps, CLICK HERE

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