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USEA Future Event Horse Competition at Apple Knoll Farm

July 31st, 2022

Judge: Katie Rocco

Entries are open now and will close: Wednesday, July 27th

Please fill out the USEA Entry Form here and email it to


Payment: Cost is $110 per horse. Electronic payment preferred. Pay online via Venmo (@Hatrick (Apple Knoll Farm)) or PayPal (, with a processing fee. The total payment for Venmo or PayPal would be: $114.


Checks can also be mailed to Apple Knoll Farm, 25 Forest Lane, Millis, MA 02054. Please email a scan of the entry ahead of time so we know you are coming!

Electronic entries can be emailed to Please include your Coggins form, paperwork, and tell us your method of payment.

Times will be posted here and emailed to all competitors on July 28th. 

About the competition:

The Future Event Horse (FEH) competition focuses on yearlings to 4-year-olds to identify future Eventing stars. This is a wonderful opportunity to expose your youngster to a show environment in a relaxed manner. For yearlings through 3-year-olds this is an in-hand competition, with a similar format used in judging young Dressage horses.  Horses are asked to stand for an evaluation of their conformation, then walk and trot in a triangle pattern. They then stand again for the judge to look at their conformation one final time. Yearlings are shown in a halter while 2- and 3-year-olds are shown in a bridle. At the Championship level, 3-year-olds will also perform in a jump chute.

FEH-4-year-olds will walk, trot, and canter under saddle and then have their saddle removed and their conformation evaluated.  At the Championship level they will also perform in a jump chute.

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