2017 Schooling Horse Trials Championships
AUGUST 20, 2017

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Official photographer of the Horse Trials Championships: Spottedvisionphotography.com

April 23 Apple Knoll Farm Horse Trials
May 7 Green Acres Horse Trials
May 14 Orchard Hill Equestriain Center
May 20 Course Brook Shows
May 21 Groton Pony Club 3-Phase
May 21 Hilltop Equestrian Center
May 27 Hitching Post Farm
June 3 Azrael Acres Horse Trials
June 4 Frazier Farm Horse Trials
June 4 Green Acres Horse Trials
June 11 Valinor Farm Horse Trials
June 17 Hitching Post Farm
June 18 Hilltop Equestrian Center
June 18 Groton House Farm Classic
June 28 Scarlet Hill Farm
June 29 Apple Knoll Farm
July 2 Hilltop Equestrian Center
July 2 Azrael Acres Horse Trials
July 9 Valinor Farm Horse Trials
July 10 Pipestave Hill Horse Trials
July 15 Hitching Post Farm
July 16 Orchard Hill Equestriain Center
July 16 Green Acres Horse Trials
July 27 Apple Knoll Farm
July 30 Course Brook Shows
August 6 Hilltop Equestrian Center
August 6 Orchard Hill Equestriain Center
August 13 Frazier Farm Horse Trials
August 18 Green Acres Horse Trials
September 9 Green Acres Horse Trials
Septbember 7 Hilltop Equestrian Center
September 17 Azrael Acres Horse Trials
October 1 Frazier Farm Horse Trials
October 8 Groton Pony Club 3-Phase
October 9 Pipestave Hill Horse Trials
October 14 Azrael Acres Horse Trials
October 15 Hitching Post Farm
October 15 Hilltop Equestrian Center
October 22 Valinor Farm Horse Trials
Occtober 29 Course Brook Shows

Divisions (not all qualifying shows will provide all divisions):

- Dressage: USEF Intro Test
- Show Jumping: Crossrails
- Cross Country: Small Logs (18 or smaller)

- Dressage: USEA Beginner Novice Test
- Show Jumping: 2 verticals (no oxers, no combinations)
- Cross Country: Logs (2 or smaller)

Advanced Elementary:
- Dressage: USEA Beginner Novice Test
- Show Jumping: 23 jumps (oxers allowed, one combination allowed)
- Cross Country: 23 (obstacles like small coops, tables, ramps, brush boxes, etc might be found at this level)

Beginner Novice:
- Dressage: USEA Beginner Novice Test
- Show Jumping: 27 jumps (oxers and combinations expected)
- Cross Country: 27

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